Guild Rules

PLEASE READ the below information prior to applying to the guild. Once you have read over all of it please follow the link at the bottom of the page to complete your application.
From your application if we think you don't have a clear understanding of the rules you will automatically be DECLINED. Don’t waste our time and we won’t waste yours.

General Guild Rules

- Age is strictly 18+

- We only want helpful, friendly, committed and respectful players who are genuinely fun to be around. If we have too many of one class we will gladly welcome a solid player regardless.

- Every member of of the guild is essentially a spokesperson for the guild and therefore you are expected to conduct yourself with integrity at all times in game. Whether you are pugging 5-mans, talking in trade chat or raiding, everything you say and do reflects on the guild. Unacceptable behavior towards other players or language (swearing/racism/derogatory terms) reflects badly on not only yourself but the guild. We expect that when you finish a run with a pug group that the rest of the group is impressed by your abilities and your attitude. When you talk in trade chat the realm is reading it so we expect that you are always helpful and friendly.

- Think before you type - We understand the nature of being a "gamer" that language can get rough at times and sometimes "interesting" topics will arise but be mindful of your surroundings.

- Any kind of TROLLING or overly dramatized trade talk is not accepted. If you feel the need to do so please log an alt that is not linked to the guild in any form. We want to maintain a good reputation.

- All active members should be signed up and a member of the guild website to keep up to date with what your guild has to say and raid related topics.

- All Guild Members will respect the decisions of the Officers/Leaders at all times. They must be obeyed in order to maintain harmony within the guild and during raids.

- Petty arguments and disagreements will need to be taken to whispers. If they cannot be resolved between the people involved only then will the Officers get involved and consequences might occur.

- WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE TO DRAMA. We wish to remain as drama free as possible.

Raiding Etiquette

We are a semi-hardcore 25 man raiding guild, thus, we take our raiding seriously. We strive for excellence in our raids and uphold the following rules whilst trying to have a great time and enjoy the game.

Core raiders and raiders must have as close to 100% raid attendance as possible. Be online 15 - 20 minutes early prior to your raid teams start time. All absences please post on forums or contact officers 24 hours before next raid if possible. If you have 2 or more unexplained absences this will result in you being demoted or removed from the guild.

This might seem self explanatory but it is NOT. When you come to a raid please make sure you have your gear fully repaired, bring any and all consumables that are required by your class (i.e. health and mana potions, elixirs, stat boosting food). Also, ensure that all your Main Spec and Off Spec armor is gemmed and enchanted to the highest possible level and that your talents and glyphs are in order.

Do NOT argue with an Officer or Raid Leader's decision
Officers and Raid Leaders decisions are final. The group make up and assignments are at their discretion and must be followed to ensure smooth running and successful raids. Suggestions are welcome when they are called for, however, arguing about roles and tactics is counterproductive and will not be tolerated.

No pointless chat in Ventrilo during raid times
We use Ventrilo to aid all of us during raids. It allows the quick and easy communication of vital information. If people are chatting during encounters this makes it very difficult for Raid Leaders to give out important instructions and may lead to a raid wipe or player deaths. Having a laugh is good but not in the middle of an encounter or when instructions are being given out or loot is being distributed. Please respect your Raid Leader by keeping the vent channel clear.

Use of Raid channels during raid times is for raid only
Please keep the raid channel clear for the Raid Leader and raid members to effectively communicate. Jokes are fun but can slow us all down and also can lead to important questions being missed. Please refrain from filling the raid chat with irrelevant chatter. During raids please make use of your role channels which will be maintained by your role leader/officer.

All of our raiders must have knowledge of the boss fights they will be attempting prior to the raid night. This includes casual raiders, raid leaders may offer a brief description but there will be no walkthroughs. Continuous FPS lag and disconnects will not be tolerate. All progression raiders must have a stable internet connection.

Must know their role and class with in a raid inside out and backward. We are looking for mature minded players that can stand on their own 2 feet in a raid and not expect to be carried or babysat through everything.


Raid Times
Raid times are 7:45 pm until approximately 12:00pm server time (Wed, Thurs & Mon ) We start forming raids at 7:45 - 7.50pm server time. Please be online and raid ready on time as we pull at 8pm server time if not before. We also expect that you will stay until the end of the raid unless RL emergencies arise. Raid composition is at the discretion of the Raid Leader. Officers/Core and Raiders will be given priority when raid groups are formed.

Raid Rules
- We understand that life is at times unpredictable but for our raids to run smoothly we require all raiders of the guild are to have as close to 100% attendance as possible.
- MUST have a working microphone and be prepared to communicate.
- If you are running late, please contact one of the officers as soon as possible. Even a few minutes difference can disrupt a raid and may even result in your position being replaced. This is the same if you need to leave early.
- If you plan on being absent for any amount of time please let us know with at least 2-3 days notice so we can find a replacement. PLEASE MAKE USE OF THE ABSENT FORUM AND STATE YOU AFK's
- Leaving raid mid raid (aka rage quitting) without notice will result in being removed from the guild.

Our Loot System is the EPGP System, with our own set values.

Guild Bank

If there are items within the guild bank that you want for certain crafting things or alts, then we welcome you to in game mail an officer to request that item to mailed to you at half the current AH price provided they are not reserved for core raiders.

All Raiders/Core Raiders
Deposit 100g per raid in to guild bank/ or farm and contribute raid related materials.

In asking this we are NOT asking you to pay to raid. Due to the high cost of raiding every little bit of contribution we can get from our raiders will help in keeping our supplies replenished. What we are asking is for your help in covering the cost of mats and time spent by fellow guildies that farm for the flasks and feasts for our raid progression. Feasts will be dropped at each wipe while raiding on a raid night. If you don’t like parting with your gold we ask you donate some materials to contribute in making such items.

Ranks and Member Expectations

To be an active member; try involve yourself in as many guild activities as you can: PvP, Dungeons Heroics, Arena, Alt Raids, Casual Raids or Step up and run a casual raid team. We will also expect you to be able to maintain a positive attitude towards other members of the guild.

Once you are accepted to the guild for a raid spot you will be put on trial. Trial will last the maximum of 6 full raids (2 Weeks). As a trial raider, you are expected to be on time at 7.30-7.50 for invites. You will also be expected to be at the instance ready to pull at 7.50-8pm with all necessary stuff for the raid that night.
While on trial you will not be awarded any loot unless a core member doesn't need it.
Trial is for us to see your performance and if you are worthy for the team.

The promotion to raider will involve you having 100% attendance for the 6 full raids, and having the level of maturity to maintain a good attitude towards the raid group to keep a serious and fun environment within our raid group.

Promotion to core is once you are a committed dedicated player that will do anything for progression and the guild. Eg: Farm mats, Help with strats, use guild website and help others progress.

Sub/Fill-in Raiders
You can apply to be a Sub/Fill-in raider if you think that you can make the raids and match the needed performance open to all casuals and failed trails. Means you will still see content but not as a full time raider (Core/Raiders will be invited before you.)

Raider and Core
We are looking for players with the same mindset, passion and commitment for the game that we have. In saying this we are after people with the right attitudes towards teamwork and being able to commit yourself to a team and progress as a team. Team development and establishment is the main key to solid progression. All raiders will need to have the ability to stay focused during raid encounters and have a high level of raid awareness. As a raider you should also be able to communicate with the raid. Ventrilo ( with a working mic ) and DBM will be a requirement for all raiders. If either of these are missing then you will not be permitted to raid with our group until these are downloaded.

We expect the leadership to be committed to this guild and maintain an active status. We expect them to perform their specified duties even in stressful situations. Officers will be expected to help a guild members in need provided the request is reasonable. Officers will be expected to be proactive in helping with guild maintenance such as updating forums, recruiting, and calendar events.

Contact Info

If you need to contact an officer for any reason here are a list of suitable ways.
- Making a post on the forums.
- In game mail
- Certain officers are also available to be contacted through phone, MSN, or email (Ask if you need this info)

Thanks for Reading